Top 3 Massages

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This is not your normal massage.  This massage is dedicated to your "lymphatic system".  The lymphatic system is basically "the garbage disposal" of the body.  This is also your immune system.  The roll of your Lymphatic system is to remove toxic substances out of the body.  When this system is blocked or clogged, a stagnation occurs and can start a down ward spiral in your health starting with fatigue and then much greater medical issues if not treated.  The best way to maintain your good lymph flow is to stay active and move your body.  When you move, your lymph moves.  However, when blockages occur, then stagnation, and then fatigue, exercise may not sound appealing.  This is where MLD can help you regain a healthier lymphatic system so you can have more energy and a natural desire to enjoy exercise once again!

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The Signature “Body Balance Massage”

This massage is customized to what your body is needing for that day.  This can be compared to a combination massage where several modalities may be used to address your chronic and acute issues.  The is no other massage out there like this.  This is a unique massage that your body will love and adore.  

Active Life / Deep Tissue Massage

 Tight??  This massage is for those who need extra pressure for muscle tension, limited range of motion, and muscle adhesions (knots).  Concentration on upper body or lower body can be requested and sometimes suggested if the area of concern needs extra TLC.